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Featured Dog: Zo The Shichon
Firstly, a portion of your purchase goes towards HELPING ANOTHER DOG! If the purchase is local to Cedar Rapids, donations go to Last Hope Animal Rescue. Outside of Cedar Rapids, donations are sent to Best Friends Animal Society
The Story
Don’t be that girl who uses her eyebrow pencil or mascara which is irritating to your dog’s skin and “accidentally” poke your puppy in the eye....
Your dog’s safety is more important than that and you would be GUILTY, HATED, AND SHUNNED forever.
The internet spoke, so we made it happen. DOGS WITH EYEBROWS! An easy to apply, safe eyebrow solution for your dog. WOAH NELLY! Simply take the eyebrows out of the package, peel, and slap it on gently above your dog’s eyes. WOW wasn’t that easy? As an added FREE bonus you’ll be able to see your dog’s natural expressions better than ever!
It’s like putting a costume on your dog, except it’s not a costume. Your happy blissful dream of safe family fun can now be a reality! Buy it NOW with FREE SHIPPING!
Eyebrow Raising Testimonials
"So stupid! My dog will never be the same again without these. Humans have pushed the boundary once again."

- George B.
"I laugh every time I see my dog with eyebrows. Truly a gamer changer that makes my everyday brighter"
- Sammie L.
"Sometimes I question myself and the things I buy but it really is the stupid shit that makes me happy. Seeing these Dog Eyebrows are a breath of fresh air."

- Lisa N.
"Honest to god this is the best costume you could ever buy for your dog. HILARIOUS!"

- Darcy L.
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